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Pursuing a Balanced Portfolio

As a Managing Director/Investments at Stifel, Chuck Roberts and his team are focused on wealth management. Leveraging more than 25 years of experience, Chuck Roberts and the CR Wealth Management Group strive to design and maintain an investment approach that is both balanced and diversified.

Chuck’s wealth management strategy strives to balance risk and return and suggests that the investor have a time horizon generally longer than five years. Chuck also considers the investor’s overall financial objectives to determine the appropriate asset mix, allocation style, and rebalancing guidelines.

An asset mix is the combination of fixed income, equity, and other assets used to diversify a portfolio, while allocation style (strategic, tactical, and focused) describes how that asset is put to work. Finally, establishing and maintaining a rebalancing strategy, the predetermined frequency or threshold at which a portfolio is reviewed, allows for the purchase or sale of assets based on their perf…
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The Four Seasons Approach to Customer Service

A former financial advisor and managing director with Morgan Stanley, Chuck Roberts now works as Managing Director/Investments in The CR Wealth Management Group of Stifel. Overseeing a 10-member team within his office, Chuck Roberts engages in strategic financial planning on behalf of his clients, placing a focus on customer service. 

The CR Wealth Management Group operates on the "Four Seasons” approach, a customer service strategy established by the Four Seasons hotel chain. This approach involves four key principles:

1. Who we are. The team must understand its own offering and have an objective in place to define itself as a leader in its field. 

2. What we believe. Establishing a workplace ethos and culture helps the company pursue those values in its work with clients. All staff members must understand the core beliefs of the team and work cooperatively to satisfy clients based on those beliefs.

3. How we succeed. The team must define what it needs to do to strive for success in…

Applying the Four Seasons Approach to Service

Chuck Roberts works with his clients to create wealth management strategies that focus on objectivity and provide a personalized service. By following the approach to service culture defined by the Four Seasons hospitality brand and applying it to wealth management, Chuck is able to create strategies for clients.

The Four Seasons approach outlines four distinct factors that define the service provided to clients:

1. Define who you are and what separates your offering from competitors. Understand how you satisfy the needs of clients by offering the highest standards.

2. Establish the mission of the company and what you believe as a collective. Following this belief should be paramount in all interactions with others.

3. Create the criterion that defines success for the company. Rooted in who you are and through having belief in what you do, these criteria cover everything from the conditions for successful operation of the company to how you define successful client interactions.

4. Define …

Why Chuck Roberts Offers Exchange Traded Funds

Chuck Roberts serves as Managing Director/Investments for The CR Wealth Management Group of Stifel. Leveraging experience built over several decades in the investment services industry, Chuck offers numerous investment products and services, often incorporating exchange traded funds (ETFs) into a specific investment approach.

ETFs represent a portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other investments that are designed to track a corresponding index. Similar to a mutual fund, ETFs offer a diversified investment with a single product. However, ETFs offer liquidity by trading throughout the day like a stock. ETFs are also generally tax efficient. While diversification (or asset allocation) does not ensure a profit and may not protect against loss, it can play a key role in establishing a sound investment strategy and reducing risk.

Most wise investors partake in an asset allocation plan of some type. ETFs can be a beneficial tool in most allocation plans since the investor is essentially buying a sl…